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Development Projects

Danish Assistance to Development Projects in the Middle East.     

The overall aim of the regional assistance is to underpin the Middle East peace process by strengthening cooperation, confidence building and transnational understanding in the region, i.e. the Palestinian self-rule areas, Jordan, Egypt and Israel.

Denmark has supported cross border regional projects in the Middle East since 1996. The Embassy of Denmark is responsible for identifying and monitoring projects. At least two regional parties must be involved in a project, Israel being one of them.

Examples of ongoing projects:
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark is supporting a project conducted by the Israeli NGO BIMKOM – Planners for Planning Rights. Under the project a planning survey for Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem will be conducted. BIMKOM tries to keep track of the overall housing situation and administration in Jerusalem in order to strengthen planning rights for the inhabitants.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark continues to support the project ”MediLink – education of Palestinian doctors in Israel”. The program is carried out by the Peres Center for Peace, and it helps Palestinian doctors and other health professionals in receiving special educations at Israeli hospitals. This cooperation strengthens the relationship among civil societies in Israel and the Palestinian self-rule areas. Around 20 Palestinians doctors and health professionals are educated each year.

Photo: Peres Center for Peace