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Kristian Jensen and the Crown Princess in New York: Kick-starting a new campaign promoting women’s health

21.09.2016  17:19

H.R.H. the Crown Princess of Denmark and the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen have kick-started a new international campaign that will focus on the health and rights of women and girls.

The launch of the campaign, Deliver for Good, took place Monday night in connection with the UN General Assembly in New York, where Denmark signed up as the first state donor.

The campaign is a successor to the major conference on women’s health and rights, Women Deliver, which was held in Copenhagen in May.

“The health and rights of girls and women are under pressure in many countries. Therefore it is crucial that we in Denmark show our support for the new campaign, which speaks up for girls and women in developing countries. Girls and women have the right to decide about their own lives, about when and with whom they wish to have children. Not only because it is right and important, but also because it is necessary. If poorer societies wish to become wealthy, then investments in girls and women are the way forward.”

The Crown Princess has been committed to the health and rights of girls and women for many years, and played a very active role in connection with the Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen. The Crown Princess says:

“I look forward to supporting the new Deliver for Good campaign, which focuses on 12 central investments in girls’ and women’s health and rights. It is an important campaign, which follows up on the Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen”.

The new international campaign Deliver for Good, which focuses on 12 central investments in girls’ health and rights, was kick-started last night at an event in New York in connection with the UN’s General Assembly. Also that night, some 100 of the best ideas and concrete suggestions from the Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen were presented.

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