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Trade Agreements

Israel has free trade agreements with several countries. The two most important agreements are with the European Union and the Unites States, Israel largest trade partners.

In 1985 Israel and the United States entered a Free Trade Area Agreement.

The Agreement was fully implemented in 1995. The Agreement eliminates all import duties and non-tariff barriers between Israel and the United States. Furthermore the Agreement allows non-tariff restrictions on agricultural products.

In 1989, Israel and the European Union made a free trade agreement resulting in removal of reduction of tariffs and trade barriers. In 2000, this agreement was replaced by the Association Agreement, that was further elaborated and expanded in 2003, enabling trading with agriculture goods regarding higher quota and
lower tariffs.

Naturally, this agreement has contributed to expanded trade activities between Denmark and Israel. In this way it is more profitable and easier for Danish companies to export to Israel as there are no or very low entry barriers.

Israel was the first non-European country to be associated to the European Community's Framework Programme for Research and Technical Development (RTD).

Israel's special status is the result of its very high level of scientific competence and the dense network of longstanding relations in scientific and technical co-operation between Israel and the EU.

Israel is now a member of OECD and is in a process of implementing the OECD standards.

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