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At our office in Tel Aviv we offer Danish companies several services including: market analyses, seeking of partners, export strategies, visit programmes etc.

We help Danish companies with market analyses tailored to the individual company’s needs. The analyses may contain a review of competitors, prices, product regulations, customer bases, identification of sales outlets and relevant partners. Furthermore, we help with the development of export strategies, based on the company’s resources and development opportunities. Moreover, we assist in the planning of programs for visits to Israeli companies and accompaniment to these meetings, preparation of relevant partners, market surveillance etc.

We rely on thorough counselling. Experience shows that a long-term relationship equals the best outcome for our clients. Exploitation of and successful entry to the Israeli market by Danish companies requires planning and well thought through strategies. Our expertise and knowledge of the Israeli market is available for Danish companies.

Our services are subject to rules by The Danish Foreign Ministry. We charge DDK 915 per hour started. We evaluate in advance how many hours a certain task demands and accordingly an offer is released. We begin working when the offer is accepted.

For more information please see "Products and Services".

We look forward to discuss and review your business needs and are more than willing to present a non-binding offer.