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Products and Services

Here you will find the products and services we offer.

The Danish Embassy can help with:  

■ Access to Israeli networks and knowledge.
■ Finding a strategic partner or a local distributor.
■ Finding investment opportunities.
■ Setting up various marketing activities.
■ Lobbying and door opening.
■ Market surveys and market surveillance.
■ Identification of importers and distributors.
■ Distribution of sale materials.
■ Solidarity information.
■ Setting up meetings and visits.
■ Translation, and “cultural translation” at meetings.
■ Information about relevant events.
■ Setting up collective export promotions.
■ Information about investment rules and taxes.
■ Assessing and/or expanding existing activities.
■ Finding and getting to relevant people.

Due to the high level of innovation activities the Danish Embassy also provides services related to development and research. We can offer your company or institution an innovation package:

The innovation package is aimed at Danish enterprises that seek knowledge, technologies or innovative cooperation partners on international markets. The aim is to promote innovation in companies and hereby strengthen their competitivesness and opportunities for internationalization. Danish enterprises can receive a discount on services and consultancy support support by the innovation centers in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Munich and few select representations such as Tel Aviv. For more information see "Innovation package" in Download on the lower right side of this page. 

The Danish Embassy can provide comprehensive and relevant information needed in order to do business in Israel. Furthermore, the Danish embassy has strong ties with local agents and leading companies, and can answer all the questions Danish companies may have about entering the Israeli market.

For further details about our offers and services download the available product sheets from The Trade Council: 

For more information on how we could help your company please contact us.