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Cybersecurity Startup Program

Open Call to Ambitious Danish Cybersecurity Startups for an All-Expenses Paid Elite Week-Long Program Facilitated by Israel’s Leading Cyber Experts
Innovation Centre Denmark in Israel together with the Danish Industry Foundation invites Denmark’s most promising startups for the unique and exciting opportunity to train in a week-long program focused on developing their companies in the world’s leading cybersecurity hotspot.

This program facilitated by Tel Aviv University Venture Fund offers the opportunity for up to ten selected Danish cybersecurity companies to learn in an intensive growth and development atmosphere. This uniquely designed program will cater to the specific areas of expertise and stage of development of each company, all within Israel’s leading innovation ecosystem.

Israel is a leader in the field of civil cybersecurity, in terms of talent, advanced science and technological developments, with the ability to commercialize knowledge resulting in successful startups internationally. Although it is a small country, Israel has 450 cybersecurity companies that have scaled impressively in a short amount of time, contributing to around 10% of the global exports in cybersecurity technology and services.

This custom program allows Danish companies to partake in unique workshops designed to upgrade their  cyber and scaling skills and grow their business. The programming includes building successful business plans, diving into work methodologies, tips for entrepreneurial conduct, writing pitches, creating presentations, storytelling, go-to-market strategies, preparing for investor meetings, marketing and branding in the cyberspace, and much more. In addition, we will have one-on-one mentoring with tech and cyber experts for feedback and guidance. The program will give participants a taste of the Israeli cyber ecosystem as they engage with relevant Israeli entities while networking and connecting with world-class cyber experts for further development and growth.

This application is open to:

Danish startups, small and medium-sized companies working within the field of cybersecurity with global market aspirations, who have raised a minimum of 500,000 kr., looking to upscale their innovation internationally alongside world-renowned experts and leaders in the field, as well as establish relevant partnerships, and access venture capital for further development and growth. The companies are not required to pay for the week-long session, nor accommodation or transportation.  However, they are required to invest time in preparation program prior to their arrival, as well as bring the conversation and skills learned back to Denmark after their stay. 

Relevant cybersecurity companies will be interviewed during mid-late March. Up to ten of those companies will be selected for this program by a cyber expert committee.

How to Apply:

Fill out the attached application form using this LINK

You will be required to upload your company pitch deck with the application

Submission Deadline: February 23, 2021

Contact [email protected] for further information