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Driving Licences

Danish driving licences may only be issued to persons who have habitual residence in Denmark. Habitual residence means the country where the person stays at least 185 days in one calendar year.

This restriction does not apply in relation to international driving licences.

Persons registered in the CPR-register with an address in Denmark are considered to have habitual residence in Denmark.

Holders of a Danish driving licence who stay abroad temporarily and who have habitual residence in Denmark may submit an application for a duplicate driving licence and renewal of driving licence through the Danish Diplomatic Mission.

Persons who holds a Danish driving licence and who do not have habitual residence in Denmark are referred to the police or transport authorities in their country of residence in order to apply for a duplicate driving licence and renewal of a driving licence.

In many countries, this can be done on the basis of a declaration from the Danish police authorities confirming the holder's driving rights. This declaration can be obtained by sending a written application to:

         Rigspolitiet (The Danish National Police)

         Administrationsafdelingen, Pas og Kørekort

         Polititorvet 14

         DK-1780 København V



The application must be signed by the holder and sent by postal service or as a scanned document by e-mail.

Certificate of a lost driving licence

If the driving licence is lost while on holiday, a Danish Diplomatic Mission can issue a statement confirming that the person is a holder of a valid Danish driving licence as well as the type of licence.

International driving licence

The international driving licence is not valid as a driving licence in itself, as it is merely a translation of the Danish driving licence. Therefore, the international driving licence is only valid together with the Danish driving licence.

An international driving licence is issued only upon presentation of a Danish EU driving licence of the credit card type.

An international driving licence is valid for one year.

Further reading

General information about driving licences can be found on the website of the Danish Road Safety and Transport Agency (Færdselsstyrelsen).

Consular Service: