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About the Biometric Passport

As of January 1 2012 you need to go to the Embassy in Tel Aviv if you need a new passport.

From 1 January 2012 new Danish passports must contain digital photos, fingerprints and signatures. In this way the security against forgery and misuse of passports is strengthened considerably.

In order to issue the new passport, installation of special equipment for taking photos and recording fingerprints and signature is necessary.  The applications must be handed to and handled by specially authorized staff, which will have access to certain data in the central citizens’ registry, the CPR.

As a consequence, since January 1 2012 it is only possible to apply for a passport in Israel by personal appearance at the Embassy in Tel Aviv. 

The same already applies for citizens of other EU countries residing outside their home country. They also have to travel to Tel Aviv or to their home country to apply for a new passport.

Can I get a new passport during my holiday in Denmark?
Yes.  Already today it is possible – and cheaper – to get a passport with a municipality (kommune) in Denmark.  All Danish citizens can apply for a passport at the Civil Service Center (Borgerservicecenter) in any municipality. It is not necessary for you to reside in or in other way be attached to the municipality.  You can find addresses of Municipal Civil Service Centres by using the following link:  You may wish to call beforehand for information on opening hours, booking of appointment etc. and inform them that you reside abroad.

Can my child be included in my passport?
No. Since 1 October 2004 children, also newly born and children without names, must have their own passport.  A consulate may issue a temporary (emergency) passport if you are in urgent need of a passport. Se above on emergency passports.
Must children also give their fingerprints?
No. Fingerprints are not collected from children below 12 years of age, but they still have to appear in person in order to apply for a passport.  Since January 1 2012 application for passports for children is only handed in at the Embassy.

Should I book an appointment to submit my passport application?
Yes. In connection with implementing biometrics the Embassy has introduced appointment booking to avoid waiting and to provide a better service.

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