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The visa application center in Israel is currently closed.

For this reason it is not possible to submit your visa or residence applications in Israel. This is only temporary and the VAC will open as soon as the situation has normalised. If you have already filled in an application and paid the visa fee in ApplyVisa you can chose to withdraw your application and get a refund for the visa fee. Please contact if you wish to withdraw an application. If you wish to hand in an application please refer to a visa application center in the region. You can find more information here. Should your case be urgent, please contact the Embassy in Tel Aviv.


The Embassy has opened a Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Tel Aviv on 1 September, 2019. All future visa applications for travel to Denmark and Iceland have to be submitted at the Visa Application Centre.

The Visa Application Centre is situated at:

- 47th Floor, Midtown Commerce, 144 Menachem Begin, Tel-Aviv, Israel

All questions concerning visa applications should be directed to the VAC at +972-747-555-456 or

You can find more information about the VAC and the application procedure here:

Please be aware the case processing will take place at the Embassy of Denmark in London. However, for inquiries please refer to the VFS centre in Tel Aviv.