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The Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv is a dynamic place to work, located in one of the world’s political and entrepreneurial hot spots. The Embassy represents Danish interests in Israel, covering politics, innovation, as well as consular and cultural affairs.

The Embassy is looking for two interns for the period August 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. One intern will assist with tasks relating to political affairs, the other with innovation at Innovation Centre Denmark Tel Aviv, which is part of the Danish Embassy.

Political Intern

As the political intern you will be busy dissecting Israeli politics, regional developments, and how this affects Denmark and Danish interests. It will be a significant change from the politics you usually follow in Denmark – both in terms of pace and scope. You will develop an extensive knowledge on the Middle Eastern Peace Process, regional security issues, Jewish culture, and much, much more. Along the way, you will get a first-hand experience of how Denmark uses diplomacy on a daily basis to further Danish interests in Israel and the Middle Eastern region as a whole.  


As the political intern at the Embassy, you will:

  • Monitor political developments in Israel, the region and Denmark of interest to the Embassy
  • Conduct research and prepare reports on various topics such as Israel’s foreign, security and domestic policy, prepare/attend meetings and write minutes

  • Organize visits by Danish delegations to Israel
  • Assist with web communication, co-develop and execute the Embassy’s public diplomacy activities and other IT-matters


As an intern you should have a bachelor’s degree and be a master’s student at a relevant higher education institution. Furthermore, you should have:

  • Good analytical and writing skills 
  • Excel in English and Danish both written and oral
  • Strong social and networking skills
  • A great team player

Furthermore, good insight into Danish/Israeli relations, the political and security situation in the Middle East and Danish foreign policy is considered an advantage. Most importantly however, you need to be curious and eager to learn more.

Innovation Intern

As the innovation intern you will work on client assignments with the team in the leading innovation hub of Tel Aviv. You will get an exceptional opportunity to get hands-on experience with research on innovation, engage with Danish and Israeli partners, manage projects, plan client engagements, and help build a great innovation Centre. Moreover, you will become an integral part of the vibrant Tel Aviv innovation ecosystem: an ecosystem with world-leading researchers, dynamic start-ups, venture capitalists and Techies.

The innovation center’s mission is to future-proof Denmark by building innovation partnerships between Danish and Israeli companies, universities and public sector institutions.


As the innovation intern, you will conduct a wide range of tasks, which include:

  • Conduct research and prepare reports on innovation, entrepreneurship, research and innovation policies
  • Work closely with the team on project development and project planning
  • Prepare/attend meetings and write minutes
  • Organize Danish participation in conferences and matchmaking events
  • Organize visits by Danish delegations to Israel
  • Assist with web communication, social media management such as Twitter and LinkedIn and video production   


As an intern you should have a bachelor’s degree and be a master student at a relevant higher education institution. Furthermore, you should:

  • Have knowledge of how innovation is best supported by public and private players and financing
  • Have a keen interest in becoming an expert on building innovation eco-systems
  • Have strong networking skills
  • Be a team player
  • Be able to speak and draft documents in English and Danish


The internships are open to both Danish and foreign citizens. It is required that foreign nationals have lived in Denmark for a minimum of 3 years, are residing in Denmark at the time of the application, and are enrolled at a higher education institution in Denmark.

The internships at the Embassy are of six months duration, approx. 37 hours weekly, starting August 1, 2020. The terms of employment follows the guidelines set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark for interns.

Interns do not receive any salary during their stay and bear all costs associated with travelling to and from Israel, as well as their stay in Israel. The Embassy provides a monthly allowance for each intern of 4000 DKK. The allowance partly covers rent for a shared apartment for interns that the Embassy provides. The interns bear all other expenses related to housing in Tel Aviv.      


The deadline for receiving applications for the fall semester 2020 is February 18, 2020.

Please send your application including motivational letter, CV and grade transcript compiled into one PDF file by e-mail to

If you have any further questions regarding the internship, feel free to send an email to one of our current interns, Marie Christensen / +972 54 691 2744 or Caroline Thoby / +972 54 691 2973

NB! The internship is conditioned on a security clearance by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark