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Meet the Staff

Ms. Charlotte Slente

Deputy Head of Mission
Ms. Kirstine Vangkilde Berner
Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Ms. Mia Arlien-Søborg Levy
Personal Assistant to the Ambassador (Cultural Affairs)


Ms. Mary Marcusohn-Noach
Vice Counsul


Mr. Joel Pierrou Steinberg
Consular Officer


Mr. Tue David Bak

Executive Director of Innovation Centre Denmark


Ms. Ann-Christina Petersen Lange

Research and Innovation Attaché


Ms. Louise Vibjerg Thomsen
Commercial Counsellor and Innovation Officer


Mr. Samuel Scheer

Innovation Officer


Ms. Kate Evelyn Kallerup Assous

Administrative Officer of Innovation Centre Denmark


Ms. Hadas Cohen

Mr. Yakir Barnovsky

Ms. Daniela Frida Gelfer

Ms. Emilie la Cour
Innovation Intern

Ms. Anna Overgaard Nielsen
Political Intern