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Book2Wheel explores Israel’s thriving mobility ecosystem

As part of the SDG Landing Pad program, Danish ridesharing startup Book2Wheel visited Israel in Q1 2023 in order to learn more about Israeli entrepreneurship, as well as meet new partners in the tourism, ridesharing and innovation verticals located in Israel.

Book2Wheel joined the SDG Landing Pad program as they are seeking to internationalise and grow their business model, in which residents in South-East Asia rent their scooters to foreigners and travelling locals, to new markets.

Israeli startup accelerator ThinkUp welcomed Book2Wheel founder and CEO Furqan Rathore to meet with their resident experts in marketing, branding and business development in order to expand and strengthen Book2Wheel’s business model and marketing activities.

Furqan also met with the founders of Rider Dome, Bookaway, ALMA Technologies, and other Israeli startups that have excelled in the field of ridesharing, GPS, and sensors. He also attended the OurCrowd investor conference, and met with investors and other key stakeholders in both the Israeli and global ecosystems.

Following the trip, Book2Wheel invested in branded ‘swag’, upgrading their website, and building a mobile app for their service providers and users.

Book2Wheel is also working extensively with sustainability business consultant Nette Kirkegaard, who is assisting the startup with SDG-related branding and marketing to emphasize their sustainability message to its audience.  

Book2Wheel was founded by Furqan, allowing locals in south-east Asia to rent out their scooters to tourists and travellers. Furqan came across the idea after meeting Danish interns seeking cheap, easy and safe transport during their stay. He rented them his scooter, which gave him an idea. He could help empower locals to gain a new income stream and offer a much-needed service to incoming tourists, while also creating a circular economy model.

Book2Wheel has over 500 participating bike owners, and is active in the Philippines, as well as Indonesia with plans to expand across south-east Asia to Vietnam and other destinations that have a significant scooter culture.