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CIVIL Cyber Security Masterclass 2023

Building an action plan for risk mitigation and cyber defense

Get an action plan for enhanced cyber security through a masterclass in Denmark and Israel where industry leaders will present today's trends, threats and how to keep yourself secure.

This masterclass is a collaboration between ICDK Tel Aviv, Aalborg University and IDA.

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Masterclass 1 - one day, Copenhagen: Cyber security threats, building the right foundation

A one-day workshop on cyberattacks and the current threat picture against Danish organisations. In this workshop you will learn about identifying the most important threats against your organisations, gain knowledge about both simple and sophisticated attacks on the systems, and identity solutions in order to prevent, detect and respond to attacks. We will take the time to look into some of the most common attacks to get a hands-on feeling for how they work, and also spend some time on current and predicted future trends that are important to understand in order to better understand the risk profile of our organisations.

Masterclass 2 - two days, Tel Aviv: Preparing and managing future security risks

Two day-long workshops in Israel that will encompass respectively the Israeli response to cyber threats today and the trends within cyber security. The objective is to take you into the core workings of the world's top cyber security nation, and to teach you about eg. supply chain compromise of software dependencies, the rise of digital surveillance authoritarianism/loss of privacy, human error and exploited legacy systems within cyber-physical ecosystems, targeted attacks enhanced by smart device data, lack of analysis and control of space-based infrastructure and objects, rise of advanced hybrid threats, artificial intelligence abuse and more.


Workshop day 1 Workshop day 2
How to respond to cyber security threats from an Israeli perspective and how to safeguard existing networks. Trends in cyber security such as cloud technology, password technology and native integration, connecting via API instead of agent installation. The workshop will include a visit to an Israeli simulator that mimics several high-urgency cyber crises, as well as a visit to key national cyber operations. Participants will also meet with private cyber firms.


Masterclass 3 - one day, Copenhagen: Developing a cyber security action plan for your company

One-day workshop to summarize learnings. Reflection and elaborating on the learnings from Israel and how to apply them locally in Denmark, how to set up the right response internally in your organisations, as well as managing threats of the future. We will elaborate on and work with the Recommendations on Cyber Security for Boards and C-suite from the Danish Board Leadership Society and endorsed by the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance. Against this background you will build your own action plan for cyber protection for deployment in your organisation, to increase resilience and preparedness.




Masterclass 1 - In Copenhagen: 

October 12 2023 - 09:00-16:00 


Masterclass 2 - in Tel Aviv:

November 19 2023 - Arrival and late afternoon activities

November 20-21 2023 - Full days


Masterclass 3 - in Copenhagen:

December 6 2023 - 09:00-16:00 


IT leaders from companies, public organisations, and utilities

How much?

The price is DKK 30.000 including workshops, hotels in Israel (3 nights) and catering. Excluding flights to and from Israel. SME's are subject to a discount.



Lasse Vinter-Grønning

Executive Director, ICDK Tel Aviv

[email protected]


Kirsten Hede

Head of Cyber Security for Boards Projects

[email protected]


Jens Myrup Pedersen

Professor, Aalborg University

[email protected]