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Information about the Trade Council

The Trade Council is the export and investment organisation within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

The Trade Council

■ Helps customers with new businesses or helps to expand already existing ones

■ Provides customers with access to key decision makers and helps identify the right partners

■ Minimises risks through risk analysis and advice on CSR, including anti-corruption

■ Works on creating free and fair trade relations across the world

■ Benefits Denmark by bringing knowledge, investments and jobs to the country


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The Trade Council in Israel

The commercial department is always ready to cooperate with Danish companies to help cover the necessary aspects.

The Danish embassy can help with:

·          Access to Israeli networks and knowledge and finding a strategic partner or a local


·          Finding investment opportunities 

·          Setting up various marketing activities  

·          Lobbying and door opening. 

·          Market surveys and market surveillance. 

·          Identification of importers and distributors.

·          Distribution of sale materials. 

·          Solidarity information. 

·          Setting up meetings and visits. 

·          Translation, and “cultural translation” at meetings.

·          Information about relevant events. 

·          Setting up collective export promotions. 

·          Information about investment rules and taxes. 

·          Assessing and/or expanding existing activities. 

The Danish Embassy can provide comprehensive and relevant information needed in order to do business in Israel. Furthermore, the Danish embassy has strong ties with local agents and leading companies, and can answer all the questions Danish companies may have about entering the Israeli market.