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Consular assistance

On these pages you may find information about the kind of assistance the Embassy can offer you, if you are in need whilst travelling abroad.

As a general rule, the Danish Foreign Service, which includes Danish representations abroad, will assist all Danish nationals and – in as far as possible – foreigners with a permanent address in Denmark. However, persons not holding Danish Nationality, or persons holding dual nationality, cannot be certain that the authorities of the country in question will accept that Denmark offer assistance, if the case in question is a conflict with the authorities of that country – e.g. cases of imprisonment.

Consular services includes issuing Danish passports, Danish driving licences, visas for Denmark, legalisations, and assistance in connection with illness and death, money transfers, imprisonment, child abduction cases etc.

As a general rule a fee is applicable to most services, with the exceptions of child abduction cases, cases of imprisonment and in the instance of a serious crime committed against a Danish national.

The Danish Foreign Service is not empowered to grant funds in cases where Danish nationals and foreign nationals with a permanent address in Denmark are in need while travelling abroad. This applies whether it concerns requests to borrow money for a ticket back to Denmark, payment of hospital bills, medical evacuation to Denmark, legal costs etc.

For advice to Danish nationals who are travelling in Israel, please visit the Consular pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (only in Danish):

Rejsevejledning for Israel