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In Case of Emergency

The Embassy can assist you with:

  • Transfer of money for a ticket back to Denmark
  • Issuing of a new passport
  • Contact lawyer in case of arrest
  • Contact relatives in Denmark
  • Contact insurance company in case of an accident, illness or death
  • Inform of high risk geographical areas 

The Embassy can NOT assist you with:

  • Disbursing loans or perform banking businessPay welfare benefits or pension
  • Jail release or payment of lawyer 
  • Pay hospital or doctor without guarantee from you, your bank or family 
  • Provide you with work or work permit
  • Money transfer

Remember i.a. to bring address and phone number of your bank and the phone number of your credit card 24-hours service.

Freezing Danish credit Cards

For information following numbers are listed for freezing Danish credit cards (opening hours 24/7):

+45 35 86 77 77

American Express
+45 80 01 00 21

+45 44 89 29 29

Diners Club
+45 36 73 73 73

+45 44 89 27 50

+45 80 01 85 88

In case you lose your money and/or credit card you can call your bank in Denmark and arrange to make an express money transfer.

If for any reason this is not possible the Embassy has the knowledge of following alternatives:

Western Union Money Transfer Service In Denmark it is, among others, post offices, kiosks and other private shops that are agents for Western Union. Information of the nearest Western Union agent in Denmark can be found at

or by contacting:

Money Transfer Nordic A.B.
Tlf.: 80 20 00 40
Mon-Fri. 0800-2000, Sat. 0800-1700 Sun. 1000-1600


Post Danmark Post Offices (BG Bank)
Tlf: 80 20 03 03
Mon-Fri. 0900-1815 Sat. 0900 1415

Information of the nearest Western Union agent in Israel is available 24/7 on 1-800-213141 (calling from Denmark: +972 1-800-213141) or