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Survival Toolbox Course


COVID-19 has taken all start-ups by surprise. However, it is the start-ups' ability to respond to these kinds of external shocks that separates the top-performing start-ups from the rest. Israeli start-ups are hitting another year of record funding and growth, indicating their crisis resilience.

The Innovation Centre in Tel Aviv created a highly concise and practical course based on a deep dive into how Israeli start-ups do it. Throughout the course, countless of practical case studies and exercises was introduced to help improve the resiliency of your start-up and enable you to go global.

This course aim to give startups new tools to be more resilient when crises hit and inspire them to apply Israeli start-up methodologies 


The course took place in Denmark from 9:00-17:00 on the following dates:

June 20 2022 at Symbion - Copenhagen.

June 21 2022 at Futurebox DTU - Copenhagen.

June 22 2022 at Talent Garden Rainmaking - Copenhagen.

June 23 2022 at AI Innovation House - Vejle.

June 24 2022 at UCN - Aalborg.

The course is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens fond).

Intro Slides

Session 0

Start-up Presentation. What is your business model?


Session 1

Gearing up with 'armor' before setting sail on the startup journey.


  • Forming an unstoppable founding team - founder-problem-fit, values & vision.
  • Building a community of mentors and advisors for our startup.
  • How to select, communicate and engage with stakeholders to maximize value.
  • Business communication methodologies - building our global network.


Learning Outcomes


  • Building profile for your ideal co-founders.
  • Create a structured process to on-board co-founders.
  • Build your network CRM and network goals.
  • Understand and articulate your network activities and updates + advisory board members.
  • Performing outreach to potential advisors and mentors.


Resources and Additional Reading



Session 2

Velocity as a Perpetual Vaccine to a Crisis




  • Lean Startup & Idea Validation
  • Methodologies to increase your team's speed and performance.
  • Identifying Risky Assumptions
  • Planning & running experiments to validate assumptions
  • Offense Mindset vs. Defense Mindset in times of crisis.


Learning Outcomes


  • Internalize the importance of speed and velocity as core values in building a startup
  • Understand the fundamental elements on which the Lean Startup methodology is based on
  • Master the 'Risky Assumptions' matrix and understand how to identify and evaluate assumptions
  • Understand how to develop effective experiments with the goal of validating your assumptions at speed
  • Exposure to various tools, best practices and methodologies to increase focus and productivity

Resources and Additional Reading



Session 3

Readjusting Strategy for Drastic Market Changes




  • Objective Key Results in a Time of Crisis
  • Scenario Based Planning - V,U,L shaped Recovery Scenarios
  • Reverse Planning
  • Managing Breaking Points


Learning Outcomes


  • Defining KPIs & North Star
  • Planning your Objective Key Results
  • Reverse Planning: creating a workplan & Gantt to meet your OKRs plan


Resources and Additional Reading



Session 4

Venture Capital Funding in Uncertain Times

Learning Outcomes

  • Why Israeli start-ups chose VC's.
  • Israeli pitching techniques.



Session 5

Pitching Session

Learning Outcomes

  • Get Israeli inputs to your pitch.


For more information please contact
Lasse Vinther-Grønning
[email protected]
+972 54-808-4052